Amsterdam Table

Shiny design table for dinners or conferences, it’s up to you.
Gatherings up to eight persons.

3,250.00 incl. btw

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Amsterdam Table – A diamond in the rough

This craftsmanship by Anke van Gestel and Maurice Blok from BLOKMeubel in the town of Mierlo is a unique model.
BLOK helps us realize this kind of authentic furniture for our good cause. A beautiful table, great to serve your dinners on.
On the other hand it can be quite impressive in a conference room.
The sole steel table leg originates from a gymnastic buck horse and is finished with black spray paint.
The oval tabletop, based on black MDF, has a herringbone pattern inlay from the wood of old vaulting boxes.
The finishing touch is a layer of clear varnish. The size shown here is 280 by 130 cm.
If you prefer other dimensions or forms please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]
Prices of other sizes are on request.
Dimensions 280 × 130 cm