Apron Black Eye Eddy

The indispensable ingrediënt to a successful meal.

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Apron Black Eye Eddy – What’s cooking?

It started with the punching bag Black Eye Eddy, but it is now starting to lead a life of its own.
Black Eye Eddy appears in many guises.
The artist Job van den Berg created this funny figure for our charity.
This special line is intended as a business gift or a gift for staff.
The prices in this series are for an order above 15 pieces/ can be made in consultation.

Food tastes better when prepared with a smile.
We like to help a hand with Apron Black Eye Eddy.
Positive vibes to make a truly happy meal.
And when summer arrives this apron will also add to the fun around the barbecue.
But above all it does what it was made for: protect your clothes!

Dimensions 78 × 64 cm