Sailing Bag Atlantic

The salty seawater and warm winds of the Atlantic Ocean touched these little artworks.

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Sailing Bag Atlantic – Painted by children

This series of canvas bags arose through a collaboration between the Paint a Future Foundation, Sports for Children and the sustainable transport company Fairtransport BV.
In Den Helder a beautiful sail, painted by children, was hoisted on the sailing cargo ship, the Tres Hombres.
On October 6, 2014 this ship sailed the Atlantic Ocean. In the hold a load of gymnastic equipment. The destination: a gymnastics school in Brazil.
A journey that lasted a few months with Cape Verde as stopover. In the port of Cape Verde the painting of the sail was finished by local children.
The beautiful sail also traveled back. From the unique cloth and in a limited edition, these colorful sailing bags were then made.
Which painted bag you get with your order remains a surprise. When you order you can mention preferences such as color, text or not, abstract or figurative.

Dimensions 35 × 40 cm