Office Chair Bizzy

Pimp your office with this masterpiece. You’re work days will look different for sure.

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Office Chair Bizzy – Let’s do business

Instead of sitting in a dull office, this beauty can uplift your spirit and thus your efforts.
Artist Emiel van Kampen is the creator of this impressive piece of furniture. He mainly works with recycled materials for all the good reasons.
Because this office chair is far from ordinary, we’d like to specify some of the dimensions.
The foot is a square 47 x 47 cm.
The height of the back is 90 cm.
Width of the seat is 37 cm.
Depth of the seat including the back is 65 cm. The seat is turnable.
All vaulting boxes, of which the office chair is being made, are slightly different, dimensions can slightly differ.
Ask for the specifications.
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Dimensions 65 × 47 × 140 cm