Game over? Never!!

That’s the spirit and also our dream.
In sport, as well as in life, you should not simply write off someone or something.
In fact, everything and everyone has a second breath. To find this, you sometimes need a helping hand.
Together with Sports for Children we revitalize old gym equipment and attributes. By restoring them.
Or by turning them into a fashionable object.
From boxes and mats to chairs and bags. Good job right?

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How We Give



We recycle used gym materials. Materials that cannot be used as sports equipment are still valuable by creating beautiful high fashion products!


All our products are made at sheltered employments by people with restrictions


Gainings of the products are used to fund the transport of sports equipment. We transport these gym materials to schools and sports clubs where decent sports equipment is lacking.

Our ambassador

“As a turn atlete I know how much fun it is to sport and play as a kid. And as a doctor I am fully aware about the importance of sporting for body and mind. That’s why I support the Sports for Children Foundation with pleasure. I grant every kid on this planet the opportunity to play!”

Epke Zonderland