Classic Tool Bag 1928

Make sure you have a back up for minor injuries, for you or your car.
We offer an original bag for this purpose.

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Classic Tool Bag 1928 – Fashion traveles

We brought this classic tool bag back from the twenties. The handy and cuddly model inspired us.
So almost a century later car owners can again store their tools and safety vests in it or use it as a first-aid box.
Made entirely out of the recycled leather from vaulting boxes and – horses this tool bag is a sustainable buy.
The leather tells quite a story and thus so do all our products. The material has come a long way and the bags will carrie on traveling…
For the artistic ladies amongst us: this can also be used as a handbag 🙂

Inside for the purpose of reinforcement a plastic box is inserted.
This product comes without displayed content.


Dimensions 28 × 10 × 12 cm