Punching Bag Black Eye Eddy

Great opponent if you want to play it ‘Mohammed Ali’. Or just sit on it.

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Punching Bag Black Eye Eddy – Tough cookie

Can’t get rid of your frustration? Feeling like you could punch someone?
Meet Black Eye Eddy. He can take it in!
Afterwards you might feel worn out. Fold this big guy against the wall and enjoy a great seat.
Hanging by the ceiling or sitting in a corner, Eddy will color any space.
Former gymnastic mats, no longer in shape to exercise on, were reused to make this original figure.
The artist Job van den Berg is the one who made Eddy come alive for our good cause.
Please note that it will be made especially for you after order.
Delivery time: 2 – 3 weeks.

Dimensions 155 × 30 cm