Seating Unit Icon Man

Quite a person of interest. Very laid back too.

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Seating Unit Icon Man – A big buddy

A playful seating unit that can hold up as many as five.
By spreading his arms he invites you to take a seat or even lay down a while.
Icon man can also be folded against the wall to make him sit upright so you will have a backrest.
This comfortable guy is a unique piece that will look great in your interior if you have room for it.
He will also do very well in a children’s playroom or public spaces like sports canteens or waitingrooms.
The artist Sander Wassink is the one who created Icon Man for our good cause.
The upholstery is entirely made from the material of former fall mats that could no longer be used for gymnastic purposes.

Dimensions 300 × 200 × 30 cm